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I Stopped Believing In God After Pastoring A Megachurch – Buzzfeed video with Lisa Gungor

By on October 11, 2018

This week I saw a buzzfeed video of Lisa Gungor, wife of Michael Gungor –  many of us know these two for their music from the group Gungor. The video made it to appear that both she and her husband no longer believe there is in fact a God. When you listened to her speak, it was clear that the difficult circumstances in their lives (like sickness, visiting a concentration camp, etc) got them doubting and eventually leaving the faith. On the surface it seems that when they came to hard times, they began to believe the stories the world gave them instead of the true story the Bible gave us.

Today on our YouTube show, I discussed the book of Jude and it’s theme of protecting the one true faith. This really connected with me in light of this weeks story on the Gungor’s. The gospel that she had believed wasn’t the true gospel that I see in the Bible.

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