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My Daily Habit for 2018: A new YouTube Channel

By on December 31, 2017

To help myself be consistent with daily Bible reading, I’m  co-hosting a new YouTube channel called Branch Together, where we read and reflect on 1 chapter of the Bible each day.

My new channel: http://bit.ly/BTmain


If there is a God, and if He decided to reveal a bit about Himself through a book would you read it? Yes? Well that book is exactly what the Bible has been to generation after generation. It is God speaking. If you are like me though, you know in your head that it’s the most influential book in the history of the world…and you know that people continue to find their lives radically changed by interacting with it…but somehow you still find it difficult to be consistent reading its pages. The good news is, that’s changing for a bunch of people on January 1st 2018 and it couldn’t be more easy for you to join the movement. I believe with every bit of my being that daily Bible reading is a keystone habit. It’s the habit that when practiced, changes everything. My team has spent the last 6 months dreaming and building the most accessible platform for facilitating the habit of daily Bible reading. Consider us friendly guides who can take you through the whole New Testament of the Bible in 2018 with just a few minutes a day on YouTube. Yup, I’m the co-host of a new YouTube channel called Branch Together, where people of all different backgrounds come together to interact with the Bible each weekday. Here’s how it works. Either subscribe here (http://bit.ly/BTmain) or – Text the word TOGETHER to 21000 to opt in. You will get a message each weekday with a link to the days new video. One of the pastors will read the chapter out loud and offer some simple clarifications or reflections to spark your own interaction. That’s it. Super simple, yet likely life-changing. Are you in? Let’s make 2018 the year we prioritize our own personal spiritual growth. Text TOGETHER to 21000 right now. It’s totally free, we are just doing this because we think the world needs it. I love you guys and I’m really excited to partner up with whomever want to make 2018 the best it can be.