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Anthem of Hope; where we are today

By on August 26, 2016

In 2008 a small rag tag group of creatives got together and set out to bring encouragement to people impacted by chronic and terminal illness. We had seen firsthand what simple resources like CDs of Scripture can do for people who are hopeless in their struggle with cancer and we were set out to help; to bring hope and courage.

It was amazing the talent that God brought onto the team. We had a producer who is now a multi-platinum songwriter (Jesiah.com), a few professional designers, one whom literally wrote the book on web design (buy it here) and over a dozen dedicated team members each with key contributions from budgets to proofreading.

We developed a beautiful CD of scripture narration with 3 world class voice talents. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we literally auditioned over 100 voice actors from around the world to get the exact feel we wanted for the CD. Then we paid to have it mixed by a Grammy Award winning recording engineer. We even designed a companion journal for the CD. We envisioned a gift package that could be given to a friend who is sick. It was nearly perfect. Here was the back cover:

Through the Waters Back Cover


It was perfect except for one thing; when I went to write the introduction for the package, I was stumped. All this scripture about healing, but yet that’s not how the story played out in my family (story at mistyleblanc.com). I wasn’t sure how to explain the Scripture in a way that was faithful to the Bible and to my conscience and yet helpful for the hurting.

I needed a better grasp of how to understand the presentation of healing in the Bible. And since my goal included both leading Anthem of Hope and also leading a church, I decided to begin a Master’s program at Western Seminary in Portland OR in 2012. That was why Anthem of Hope stopped moving forward.

Fast forward a few years and after a good bit of theology and Bible under my belt, Dr. Gerry Breshears agreed to take me on personally to study the topic of healing in the Bible. Dr. Breshears is a world renowned scholar and former president of the Evangelical Theological Society. I spent a semester in research under his guidance and I’m incredibly proud of the work we did. I’m finally ready to write in a faithful and helpful manner on the topic of healing. In the coming months, I will do a series of posts here answering questions like

  • Why did Jesus perform miracles?
  • Is healing for today?
  • Is faith required for healing?
  • Does doubt really stop God from doing miracles?

Unfortunately, the Anthem of Hope website is down due to a virus on the server. My sites were all on a shared server and many got hit. I’m in the process of cleanup, but it’s slow. My heart is still very much for AoH. Kristin and I are both committed to finishing what was started years back. In this season we are focused on planting a church, but we are looking forward to the future when we can dedicate the time to finish these resources and make them more available. For now, you can download the mp3 files here and give them to whomever you’d like. For a person seriously struggling with illness, these audio tracks can be live changing. I know firsthand.



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    Christopher Renda

    September 30, 2016

    Anthem of Hope contains a beautiful message that still resonates with me and I believe will help many others once it’s out there.

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      September 30, 2016

      Chris – I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for being a part of all this, man! Feel free to download the MP3s and distribute when appropriate. I will get this all wrapped up into a beautiful gift package at some point though!!