I Stopped Believing In God After Pastoring A Megachurch – Buzzfeed video with Lisa Gungor

By on October 11, 2018

This week I saw a buzzfeed video of Lisa Gungor, wife of Michael Gungor –  many of us know these two for their music from the group Gungor. The video made it to appear that both she and her husband no longer believe there is in fact a God….

Church Life

An Ancient Christian Practice; Scripture Memorization

By on July 23, 2018

A practice that has been important for Christians through the centuries, but seems to get less attention today, is the practice of Scripture memorization.  Turn back time a bit and we see that in the early centuries of the church, some overseers were required to memorize all 150 Psalms….


My Daily Habit for 2018: A new YouTube Channel

By on December 31, 2017

To help myself be consistent with daily Bible reading, I’m  co-hosting a new YouTube channel called Branch Together, where we read and reflect on 1 chapter of the Bible each day.

My new channel:


If there is a God, and if He decided to reveal a bit about Himself through…


VLOG: Babymoon in Belize

By on December 15, 2017

It’s Kristin’s birthday today so I decided to dig up some old memories and make a video for her. Hope you enjoy as well.


The story: Kristin and I decided to get away to spend time picking a name for our daughter (Sophia). We ended up in Belize because it…


We slept in our new Hobbit House!! [VLOG]

By on December 1, 2017

With the year my kids have been through, we really wanted to give them something exciting this fall. We started with trying to make a nice treehouse, but that didn’t pan out. Turned out to be too challenging to do what we wanted. So I went back to the…


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Church Leadership

Introducing the Commissional Institute: a new school for local church leaders in NJ!

By on November 28, 2017

When I was in Seminary, I learned a ton. It was a great season for me. Technically, I’m still there…I just put my classes on hold because I knew the time was right to start implementing things and planting a new church. One of the difficulties I had was…


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Family Life

What she read to everyone at Thanksgiving was so perfect!

By on November 24, 2017

As I sat at the dinner table this evening enjoying food and drink with some family and dear friends, we each shared stories about what we were thankful for at this time of year. Common themes were family, friends and health. Those are good things that certainly are part…


Update on Kristin

By on October 20, 2017

We are so thankful that Kristin is doing better. In this vlog she fills us in on how she is feeling. We are praying that she continues to recover and will soon be back to full health.

I’m also playing around with a new vlogging mic for 2 reasons 1)…

Family Life Video

VLOG – Update on Kristin

By on June 15, 2017

Quick update on Kristin’s health from my commute home.


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Family Life

Hope is on the move

By on April 5, 2017

Silly things Christians say

I bumped into an old friend the other day who hadn’t heard about Kristin’s illness. I filled him in on some of the logistics and shared a bit about how this has been a difficult season for me. Endearingly he encouraged me that “God won’t give…

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